Raised by Sand and Salty Water

The story

“Raised by Sand & Salty Water” is a short documentary co-directed by David Corrochano and Daniel Simon, featuring Wafa Heboul, a Moroccan skater girl from Taghazout. The film explores Wafa’s inspiring life story and how skateboarding has shaped her journey, while also highlighting the broader influence of skateboarding and surfing in Arabic culture. Through Wafa’s personal narrative, the documentary showcases the impact of skateboarding on social and economic development in rural areas like Taghazout, challenging traditional gender roles and empowering young girls to pursue their dreams fearlessly. “Raised by Sand & Salty Water” offers a captivating glimpse into the transformative power of skateboarding, shedding light on its profound effects on Arabic culture, feminism, and the progress of marginalized communities.


Directors: Daniel Simón and David Corrochano
Camera & edit: David Corrochano
Sound design & music composer: Benet Serra
Recording & Mixing studio: Studiolabum
Colorist: Luna Saez
Vocals: Blanca Romero
Percussionist: Tahirou Ddrabo
Location: Taghazout, Morocco
Starring: Wafa Heboul, Faiza Heboul
Awards: Paris Surf and Skate Film festival (Paris, France), NoMan’s Land Film Festival (Denver, Colorado) + World Tour