The story

Mazun, a name that was once used to refer to Oman, is a journey that places the unknown Sultanate of Oman on the map. With the Bedouins as our guiding thread, we explore the customs, culture, and traditions. A journey to understand its essence and showcase it to the world. Documenting several of the country’s most relevant places, getting to know and interviewing local characters with completely different lives. Exploring unknown corners for many and very characteristic traditions of the country. Learning from the past, understanding the present, and looking forward to the future. With the documentary “Mazun – Eastern Arabia,” we aim to convey the vision and thoughts of the Omanis to the world. Connect with the essence of Oman and showcase its beauty.

Video available soon.


Director: Manuel Alesanco y David Corrochano
Cinematography & edit: David Corrochano
Original music: Álvaro Corrochano
Mix & master: Mitte Studio
Location: Omán
Photography & making of: Manuel Alesanco
Sponsors: Ministry of information of Sultanate of Oman + Oman ambassy in Spain