The story

Since 2019, the brand Slowlove has been collaborating with the Manantial Foundation, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve social care for individuals with mental health issues. This year Slowlove’s brand team, along with users from various centers of the Foundation, traveled to Morocco to donate over 1000 clothes to 150 families in the villages of Tazouka and Midelt. In this way, not only has it been possible to aid the Moroccan community, but it has also provided an opportunity for the center’s users to travel and venture beyond our borders, to experience Morocco, and actively participate in this charitable project. Through this action, we achieved that, at least for four days, loneliness turned into companionship, and we all felt united and equal.


Director: David Corrochano
Brand Manager: Claudia Gallego de Castro
Client: Slowlove + Fundación Manantial
Location: Marruecos