“Life is pure contradiction”


 Photographer and filmmaker. His first contact with a camera began when he was young. His curiosity for the audiovisual world has grown since then. He found in photography and video the perfect way to express everything he could not tell with words. 

 Since childhood he has considered himself a curious, restless and self-taught person. He has always felt a strong passion and respect for nature – aspects that have influenced his work – along with the culture of skateboarding – sport that helped him grow in his beginnings – and music. 

 In constant search to improve and question everything that surrounds him in order to evolve both professionally and personally. His style has evolved over the years going through different phases. “Life is pure contradiction” . He believes life is always changing. “I’m not the same person I was two years ago and I won’t be the same person in two years. My sensitivity changes as I evolve as a person. Read, experiment, risk, fail and try again. That’s what life is all about” 

 David Corrochano has carried out different personal and commercial projects. The most recent personal project is We are all heroes”, a personal photographic project that shows the current plastic waste problem in Indonesia. His most artistic side is carried out through his personal project in.trospective: a self-exploration through images. 

He currently works as a freelancer for different production companies while keeping his own clients and betting on maintaining his personal projects.




“Take me back” videoclip – EFTI – here

Red Bull – Behind the camera – here



 2022 . “WE ARE AL HEROES”. Las Rozas, Madrid. Centro cultural Pérez de la Riva.

2023. “IN.TROSPECTIVE”. Madrid, Spain. Faraday Music. Sala El Sol.